Accointing is... a lot of work

There’s a lot to love about Accointing, the updates, the support, and the whole idea of a automated crypto accounting software which handles all the complexity. The fact that it handles all the complex UK pooling calculations for me and creates tax reports is awesome.

But there is a but :slight_smile: it is a lot of work to maintain a clean data set.

One month everything was clean - no missing funds, no unclassified transactions. If I looked on Coinbase Pro all the figures matched those on Accointing on every refresh. Great.

After just one month of trading I took a look at Accointing today. I now have a list of 100 or so transactions which need to be classified as internal, and a list of 80 or so missing funds. After classifying the transactions as internal and trying to fix the missing funds, Accointing still reports ‘This external wallet reports a different balance than the imported transactions result in on Accointing’. The internal transactions I was expecting - Accointing have said they can’t automatically recognise Coinbase Pro portfolio-to-portfolio transfers as internal. But the missing funds, this was a surprise.

I don’t think I’m doing anything odd either. I don’t have multiple wallets, I just use CoinbasePro, and within that only use two portfolios.

I don’t really like the idea of creating fake transactions using the ‘Fix for Me’ tool. If HRMC ever interrogate the tax report I won’t be able to explain why my Accointing data is different to my Coinbase Pro statements. If Coinbase Pro can show me an accurate transaction history when I export my statements, why can’t Accointing show the same?

Anyway apart from my messy dataset I do like Accointing. I just wish it was less work, and makes me doubtful the figures on Accointing are what they should be.