Accointing Integration with Personal Capital

Personal Capital is one of the most popular platforms for tracking your overall wealth. You can link all your financial accounts: banks, credit cards, retirement, loans, etc. and it keeps track of all of them in one central place.

But one thing they do not have yet is any integration with the crypto markets. Currently your only option is to manually input different crypto as manual investment holdings and then using something like PFCrypto to update the prices.

This seems like something that would be perfect for Accointing to capitalize on and work with them to get things integrated. It would be nice to be able to link an Accointing account to Personal Capital so that you can include that in your overall wealth calculations without doing it manually.

Hi @RoundhouseMcKik! Sounds good! By any chance do you have some contact there that could help us work with them faster? Maybe a file that you can share so we can understand what type of output they generate? That would be extremely helpful. If you’d like to help us out, you can send the file to so we can take a look and if you have a contact, you can DM here. Thanks for the continuous support!

Hi Rod,

Unfortunately I’m not rich enough to have any connections with them, they are a very large business and I’m just one of their consumers. And the integration would be in the other direction, they would import data from Accointing into their platform.

But you’d have to work with them directly to see if that’s possible, or form some sort of business relationship between your company and theirs. They import data from all different kind of financial accounts like Bank of America, Charles Schwab, Ally Financial, Chase, Capital One, etc. But there’s not really any reason they couldn’t import from yours as well. I’m not sure of the mechanisms, but it seems like most integrations are over some sort of API, OAuth, or maybe SAML; you import your financial account and then it syncs the data from it into their platform.

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