Accointing became unreliable and I lost trust, accointing team please take immediate action and provide the services I paid for

Since months I have problems with the API connection to coinbase. You always write the bugs will be fixed but nothing happens. I payed for Accointing but it doesn’t work. I want my money back.

So for Coinbase, we are limited to 10k calls per hour for the entire Accointing server.
So sometimes we go over this limit and we get errored out, we are working on a fix but ideally, we need to ask Coinbase to increase the limits.

Is this your issue? Problem with coinbase connection - #26 by rwt

Yes and it’s always this answer. BTC and ETH coinbase wallet is not shown on Accointing. Others have the same problem.

I see that you are speaking with our email support team now :slight_smile:
I will let them help you, please let me know if you need any more help from me :smiley:

I’m speaking with your mail support about another problem… I opened a ticket about another problem… I trying every possibility. Why is Accointing not using one system for the support?

To answer your question, you would be creating an account directly with our Freshdesk platform with this account. There wouldn’t be a way to make them the same.

We use more than one system of support so that we be available in different ways :slight_smile:
I am here in the Community board and we have another agent for the mail and another for Twitter DM :slight_smile:
We do have weekly group meetings and have open communication with each other :slight_smile: