Accointing became unreliable and I lost trust, accointing team please take immediate action and provide the services I paid for

Dear Team,

I noticed that in the last 2 months, the issues with the Accointing software are piling up. My reason for using this software is twofold: to track my portfolio and provide accurate tax information to the authorities.

As I manually updated metamask, bitpanda and FTX (also as per recommendations from the forum here), it shows me insanely wrong values (+200%) of my real values and every time I put hours of manual work to correct it, after 2 weeks it shows me even more wrong values, where I cannot even change it any more. Complete waste of time!

Since I pay for this service, I expect that it works and gets the job done. What I get instead is reading 2 months old support messages that it will be fixed (I have understanding that some bugs appear and that it takes some time to address some of them). Nevertheless, Accointing seems completely unreliable and I lost trust. Somehow at the beginning, Accointing had a very short response time and fixed the bugs, but now I have only bad experience: the proposed solutions are not working and it only gets worse.

I don’t see another option but to change to another crypto tracking provider in order to prevent any authority taxation fraud charges! I also recommended Accointing to all my friends, but now I have to inform them about the present situation, as I want to spare them the same faith.

I expect Accointing to solve issues responsively, sustainably and in a professional manner, in the end this is what we all paid for.

My final and simple question therefore is: Can I expect a proper tracking tool (which is what Accointing is intended to do) and when is the deadline for the implementation for that? And as I said, Accointing was working very well, before 2021 and I was very satisfied with it. Something has happened recently and the Accointing software has gone somehow backwards very heavily to a-work-in-progress software.

I hope that my dissatisfaction was expressed in a respectful and constructive way and as well, that I very much would like to further use the Accointing software. But presently I am paying for a software, which does not provide the promised services and which will leave me alone with all the risks related to the non-functioning software.

As already offered (and done), I am happy to support the team with feedback and data, so you can do your job. I am not a programmer, but for certain functions, I don’t think a rocket scientist is required (while of other functions it sure needs one), so I really don’t understand why there are such heavy issues, which are still not fixed after months.

Kindly let me know, how do you envision the future of Accointing?

Thank you and best regards,


Hi Adrian,
Sorry to hear that you experienced problems when using
Could you provide me with some more info?
"As I manually updated metamask, bitpanda and FTX (also as per recommendations from the forum here), it shows me insanely wrong values (+200%) of my real values "

What does that mean? Did you manually import transactions or did you use API connections?


Hi Jonas,

Thanks for your reply.
All of the 3 exchanges were connected by API and they were always intended for automatic API updates (and manual corrections if required). The API updates were previously working well.
As stated, during the year 2021, the API connections interfacing with accointing suddenly became faulty. For Bitpanda it was recommended by Accointing to renew the API connection, and I did that. It still showed me double values. I did the same with my wifes account, with the same result, it still did not work and showed all transactions/values double. Then I manuallyselected the command "ignore" the bitpanda transactions on my accointing account, which was working for 2, 3 months (while my wifes untouched accointing account / transactions shows still the same double amount of the real value).
Then for FTX, it shows me the 1 same transaction over and over again (probably every time i press master update/syncronize). The recommended solution from accointing was to manually ignore the transaction. Now I have around 20 ignored transactions for that same 1 FTX transaction and the same transaction is generated by accointing again every time…
Metamask did not update at all anymore and I waited around 7 days, but no changes at all.

Therefore, I constantly manually have to adjust the values from these 3 exchanges. But now for bitpanda, it shows me horrible values (+ 2800 % than the real value). When checking through Bitpanda, I cannot detect multiple entries, so I even cannot adjust the values manually anymore. Also, accointing does not report any devitations from the real values of the API import versus the amount in accointing.

Let me know when you need further information.

P.S. Did the workarounds worked for other users? Are my wife and I the only ones irreversabily facing these issues?

Thanks and best Regards,

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Hi @don_sangria ,
We are currently facing problems with these 3 wallets/exchanges.
We are working on these problems but I cannot tell you when it will be fixed. The team is doing it’s very best. You surely know about the possibility to get your money back. I am sorry that I can’t do anything else in the moment.

Hi @Jonas I also have lost faith in your software and I bought the most expensive package as well. Your software is extremely unreliable and it will lead me to jail if I don’t spend massive amount of time to correct and double check each and every transaction by myself. If I do that, what do I need your software at all? Your API support is abysmal, to say the least. You are depicting faulty, double transaction in almost all exchanges( Kucoin, Binance ) and you’re not supporting others at all ( WhiteBit ) where u require me to manually enter all data by hand although whitebit does not even provide a .csv file.

How can I get my money back?


email us at

I have been having issues with Kucoin. I use the API connection. When I refresh, it will say that the balance of some of my coins is higher on accointing than on Kucoin. I just press the Fix For Me button and then it classifies them as a withdrawl for the difference. However, the balance on Kucoin has not changed, it is something with accointing showing that I had a bigger balance.

I would consider deleting your Fix to Me Reconciled transactions and wait a day to see if it fixes itself.
Kucoin has lots of holes in their API, we will try to make it more clear just like we did for Binance.

Hi @Matt, by the way I am also a developer. I would be willing to help you add support for e.g. ONE wallet, or WhiteBit. How does this work? Are there bounties or similar?

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Hi Anastasiou! We are currently hiring. If you would like to see our open positions, please take a look here: About - The Hub - Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking & Tax Software

I have the same issue but with all API’s on my account. Luckily for me I only did 4 API’s. I have deleted the API’s on accounting and revoked the API’s on the exchange with no luck. I have tried dozens of times to correct the balance and the balances are incorrect. Every time I make an entry, accointing tells me the the balances reported are different and it will not make the adjustment. Even the reconcile will not fix it. I have sent multiple emails to Accointing and have not got an answer. I’m lost and terrified that my reporting on tax return will be a nightmare. I wish I had never started using this software. I have 1300 transactions. The comment that Jonas made about getting a refund, like that’s the answer, made me sick to my stomach.


Hey @duncan which exchanges with API are you having issues with?

It is really a nightmare. It is so hard to trust this tool any longer. If was a the government, I wouldn’t accept a tax report that has so many “corrections”/failures.

It is very sad to see how the Accointing support reacts to bug reports. I started with accointing 4 month ago and I have more bugs in the system then I started. Shame on you Accointing! You can’t treat paying users like that. The E-mail support and the support forum is a sad joke. I think the situation is out of control! Accointing have to do something NOW!

I’m using Binance and Bitpanda with BTC, ETH, ETC and BNB but I’m having problems all the time. These are not so exotic services/coins, or not? Where is the problem? That is ridicules!

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Hi Matt, Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, Celsius 2 Ripple Wallets secured with Ledger and Kucoin right now. I have had trouble with every API I used… I have deleted them and revoked the API on the exchange and I don’t think the connection is broken. It keeps refreshing and no matter what I Change it will not update.

If I use the fix for tool its even worse. I have submitted a ticket and uploaded my full data set but have not heard from anyone.

Hi guys,
Accointing is not in Beta, but Blockchain-based products are all in early stage with a lack of standards and regulations. We are in the mid-90s compared to where the internet was. Amazon and Google looked like crap and their solutions did not work well yet. We are a growing company and we are happy to have you here with us :slight_smile: Thank you for being a good citizen and for paying your taxes!
Most of the issues you describe are not with Accointing but with the exchanges and wallets we offer. They contently change their API and we do our best to manage them and stay updated. We here at, work based on a voting mechanism to determine priority for new features and we fix bugs in the order of how many people it affects.

Would you ask Google why a product in their Appstore is not working properly or would you reach out to the App developer? That is simular as to what is going on here, but we admit there are bugs on the things we control as well and we are working hard to fix them!

We have set up this community board and a telegram group for support and bug reporting however we are only a small team, and are hiring to make bug fixing, API management, and new features much quicker.

I am sorry for your bad experience so far. Maybe a shift in expectations helps. Think of it as being part of something that less than 5% of the world population is even aware of. Trading Crypto at a very early stage. Bitcoin is only 12 years old and the value of 1 Bitcoin increased from a few cents to thousands of dollars. Just let that sink in.

Kind regards

What do you talking about “shift in expectations”? We users are paying Accointing for this service and Accointing won’t fixing the bugs. All that we want is that Accointing is doing his job. Let me give you examples…

Please fill out this form where we can help you with the bugs you face.

Thanks for bringing that to our attention. I have created a bug for it and will keep you posted once this is fixed. I appreciate your time and patience.

It’s not possible to log in with a Accointing account or to register a new account.

Issue should be resolved :slight_smile:

it isn’t solved. Do I have to make a support account? My login from the mainpage doesn’t work but if I want to register it tells me my mailadress is in used. This is so mad.

Es ist nicht behoben. Muss ich etwa einen zusätzlichen Account anlegen für den Support? Meine Logindaten der Hauptseite funktionieren auf der Support Seite nicht und wenn ich einen “Supportaccount” anlegen will wird gemeldet dass meine Mailadresse schon benutzt werden würde. Das ist doch ein Witz?!