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könnt ihr bitte “OptionRoom (ROOM)” als neuen Coin hinzufügen?

Vielen Dank!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Could you please Add these Tokens :

Everest ID
Uniswap V2


best regards

Please add the following currencies:

  1. HNY token (Honey)
  2. AGAVE token (AGVE)

Kindly also consider adding layer 2 link of MetaMask on the platform.

For centralized exchanges please consider adding the following:

  1. YouHodler
  2. Vauld

Please add the Splyt (SHOPX) cryptocoin.

Thanks, Almata


Can you add LTO Network.

Thank you.

Adding CMC link here.

Please add (LTO) LTO Network

Please add NFTArt.Finance



Thank u

Hallo, bitte folgende Token / Coins hinzufügen:

  1. Know Token / (KNOW)
  2. Kora Network Token / (KNT)
  3. Proton Token / (PTT)

Vielen Dank und beste Grüße Dennis

Please add

Orakuru (ORK)(Orakuru (ORK) Token Tracker | BscScan)

I am missing DefiChain Tokens for adding pool liquidity.
Can you please add the Liquidity Pool Tokens from the DefiChain Blockchain (defichain.com )? Thank you!

Could you please add the following tokens?

Charizard Token (CHZ006)

Bonfire (FIRE)

Refinable (FINE)

Thank you!

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Please add
STEP (step.finance)
APE-LP (LP token apeswap.finace)

Thank you

Please Add moonpirate (MOONPIRATE):

Please add CC (Cryptocart), FISH (Penguin Party), all on Coin Gecko. Thanks

this currency has still not been added… will it be able to be added?

The following have been added or are already supported :slight_smile: (Check in 24hours if you you do not see it even though it is on my list here).


  • Room


  • Dexmex
  • erowan
  • ID -Everest
  • (mp4.social) is MP4 and has been added
  • (See below for Uniswap V2)


  • HNT (Honey)
  • AGVE
  • (Please add a feature request for people to vote for the layer 2, and your 2 exchanges :slight_smile:)


  • Splyt

@Benwah09 and @egresla

  • Make this a feature request for people to vote for LTO Newtwork integration :slight_smile:




  • KNOW
  • KNT (Kora Network Token) not to be confused with KNT (Knekted)
  • PTT
  • Orakuru (ORK)


  • (See below for your liquidity pool coins)


  • CHZ006
  • BFIRE (Please check that we added the right one that your requested)
  • FINE


  • STEP
  • See below for your Liquidity Pools (We did add APE [Ape Fiance] though)


  • Can you provide the CoinMarketCap link for MOONPIRATE


  • We are on the process of adding CC (Cryptocart) now
  • For FISH (Penguin Party) it is not on CoinMarketCap so Accointing is unable to add it right now. (See below)


  • ORK
  1. For Liquidity pools and staking please see: How to Import Liquidity Pool Transactions to ACCOINTING.com - Accointing Blog - Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking & tax Software

  2. If your coin is not available on CoinMarketCap, Accointing will not be able to support the token for now. Please consider voting for this: Use CoinGecko API For Missing Currencies

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Regarding Crypto Cart:

Hey! Your token request has been successfully added to the ACCOINTING.com database. It should be available today at 11:00 P.M. GMT.