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I am lost with achieving accuracy with this software. It is not up to date with the actual balances in my wallets and exchanges. Also how do I link my Travala wallet and Nexo? The templates you offer do not coincide with the CSV transaction documents generated by Nexo and Travala has offered me no solution so far.

I’m having a similar problem with Changelly’s csv file, it list fees I paid a year ago at today’s market rates or something, saying that I’ve made short term gains and paid fees of 220,000 USD over a few transactions that were only a couple hundred , at the time. When checked the TxID on Changelly’s history, all the $ values looked “normal” for the time period, so I believe the tax software is looking at the token’s value exchanged at that time, and then hyper-inflating it to today’s rates or something. I’ve tried reaching out to support, but haven’t received a response yet. The only solution I’ve had is to just delete that exchange data from my portfolio, so far.