Ability to change API times

The API times are horribly off. When I place an order on KuCoin, it shows up 6 hours ahead of my actual time zone, so when I trade coins between wallets, the import times conflict which skews the data and forces me to go into my full data set to change the times so that I do not have missing funds alerts.

Please, for the love of God, fix this issue. This isn’t even a feature request, it’s a bug that needs to be addressed.

it should let you change the time on transactions when editing them. i’ve tried it with gemini, uphold, coinbase, and wallet api transactions and they all let me edit the time. the only thing i cant change is what kind of transaction it was. i posted a screenshot below that shows you can change the time. if this isn’t working for you then it definitely is a bug that needs to be fixed. Although it sounds like its a problem with the KuCoin using the wrong timezone.

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Ok thanks man yeah I’ve been editing the times manually but it’s time consuming…the time on Kucoin shows correctly (EDST time zone) but something happens when it gets imported into Accointing, like it changes to GMT or something. Just wish there was a feature where I could automatically subtract 6 hours from all transactions coming into Accointing from KuCoin so that I wouldnt have to do each one manually.