Ability to add custom pricing to token/coin


I have traded in a token/coin that is not and will very likely ever be put onto CMC.

Is there a way to override pricing/add custom pricing to individual trades? Right now the only way I’ve been able to add a transaction is by manually uploading a spreadsheet. But then on the site, it’s just showing the transaction as an error (unknown coin) and I have no way of knowing if the value of the trade is being correctly calculated.

It’s worth noting that one side of the trade is on CMC. Will the software simply use the value of that token for the trade?

This is on our roadmap, please stay tuned for an update in the next few months :slight_smile:

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Manual entry of tokens: Manual entry of tokens (those not listed on CoinmarketCap)
Missing currencies: Use CoinGecko API For Missing Currencies

You can specify the purchase price of that coin by making it an order transaction instead of a swap. But you wont be able to verify it worked since unknown currencies are all lumped together.
It might be able to verify it if its the only unknown currency though.

I also am unsure if you can create a new transaction manually with an unknown currency to turn that swap into a transaction.

v1 of custom tokens is live!!! Go check it out!!!
Here is an example!


Now that we have laid the groundwork for this, we will be able to do more, thank you guys for sticking with us!