AAVE Synthetix Loopring DEX Integrations


Creating smart contract review, auditing and indexing of transactions will be next level for Accointing team. Can anyone tell me if this is in the works or if there is another application that accointing integrates with that accounts for the trades and liquidity of layer 2s?

Hey @dcjsail what specifically are you trying to track on Layer 2?
If you are talking about an exchange like dYdX, that would be a feature request to add the support of that exchange, just like any centralized exchange we vote on for the support of API.

AAVE lending, interest and purchase and sales of coins on layer 2 of AAVE. Thats what I am looking for. Something like this https://tokentax.co/integrations/aave/ but for Layer 2.

Thanks for the link! I forwarded it to the team.
But each layer 2 exchange will be needed to be voted on individually, like the dYdX that I linked above.

Is there any update to AAVE or Polygon/Matic Layer 2 integrations? This is going to be the main layer moving forward for crypto and many of the transactions.

You need to get votes from the community for the Accointing team to start it’s integration :slight_smile: