AAVE price incorrect all of a sudden!

My total portfolio value suddenly dropped and I wondered why. It was AAVE – despite the chart showing the current value as €260, Accointing reports it as €67. God knows what else is being reported incorrectly!?!

I checked on Binance and it is certainly NOT €67!

PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP! It is not great if we cannot rely on the pricing being correct!

Many tokens dropped dramatically, including THETA, Cardano and other large ones. Theta page on coinmarketcap is not loading so I assume it’s an issue with Coinmarketcap. not sure if Accointing can do much about that. :frowning:

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Spoke too soon, still seems a lot of incorrect prices. I think CoinMarketCap (which Accointing uses for price info) is having issues.

Aahhh - what happened many tokens dropped in price!
SOL shows 32.39 market was 37.2
ICP shows 52.01 market was 63.4
ADA shows 0.51 market was 1.51
DOT shows 4.61 market was 21.3
I might expect some price difference based on the exchange used but this is beyond…

seems ok now.

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Hey guys, @Eurion had the right idea with CoinMarketCap.
Is it all goo now @Cryptolero ?